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Mavala Mini Nail Color 5ml

Mavala Mini Nail Color 5ml


The Mini Color's - small golden cap bottle - relies on a simple yet great idea. Nail polish, regardless of the quality, tends to dry out sooner or later, especially when the bottle is frequently opened. The Mavala Mini Color's have been designed to minimize solvent evaporation and avoid this inconvenience. Because of its small size, one uses the whole content with no waste! Other important advantages : its small size makes it handy to keep with you and its low and affordable cost for all allows one to buy 2, 3 or even more at the same time. Wide range of different shades to suit all tastes and all styles with, over the season, new trendy colours. MAVALA cares about consumers' health, so that their nail polish formulas are developed without formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalate, added rosin. In addition, they do not contain any animal ingredient.

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