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Deborah Gel Effect Enamel Nail Polish 8.5ml

Deborah Gel Effect Enamel Nail Polish 8.5ml


Boasting a special high-performance formula, GEL EFFECT enamels ensure an impeccable manicure that’s incredibly easy to achieve. The enamel leaves nails looking lusciously plumped and spectacularly shiny. Formulated to impart ultra-pigmented colour, a super-glossy finish, and flawless coverage. The fluid, easy-to-apply consistency comes into its own with a maxi-brush that forms a supple film that helps nails withstand shocks. The extra-large brush produces a brilliantly shiny surface without UV light. The result is flawless coverage and the smoothest gel-like finish. Special filters form a supple film that keeps colour as vibrant as the day it’s applied and disguises any imperfections.

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