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Deborah Atomic Red Mat Lipstick

Deborah Atomic Red Mat Lipstick


A long-standing best-seller from the Deborah Group laboratories, Atomic Red Mat lipstick is a powerful beauty weapon for super-seductive lips. The ultra-comfortable formula glides over lips leaving a satiny smooth, mat finish. Here are the product pluses: velvety mat lips with colour that looks freshly applied for a surprisingly long time, and feels amazingly comfortable. A perfectly mat finish, full-colour coverage and an ultra-moisturising action that keeps lips lastingly soft. The secret of Atomic Red Mat Lipstick lies in its fabulously lightweight formula: untold efforts have gone into ensuring unrivalled comfort and the most dramatic long-wearing colour. The addition of Vitamins E and C, with their well-known anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, and regenerating Rosehip extracts, boosts the lipstick’s ability to care for lips day in, day out, keeping them blissfully soft and velvety smooth. 


*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies


Capacity gr: 4.4

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