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24 Hours Nude Perfect Foundation 35gr

24 Hours Nude Perfect Foundation 35gr


LONG LASTING NAKED SKIN EFFECT ... SKIN HAS NEVER BEEN SO BEAUTIFUL! Moisturizing and light, the 24ORE Nude Perfect foundation has been designed to give the skin a beauty experience that combines the benefits of a skincare treatment with the properties of a performing make-up. It has a formula rich in active ingredients and uses a truly innovative technology that gives the face a nude effect with an extraordinary hold, letting the skin breathe. The fluid texture, with medium coverage, is easy to apply and makes the complexion uniform, radiant and velvety. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: DH OXYGEN COMPLEX a complex enriched with OXYGESKIN capable of restoring the ability of cells to respond to stress due to lack of oxygen. It stimulates the transport of oxygen between cells and performs a protective function against damage caused by blue light. AQUA SYSTEM complex rich in HYDRASYNOL (an ingredient of vegetable origin obtained from corn and coconut) and GLYCERINE which gives the skin intense and long-lasting hydration. This active stimulates and improves hydration in depth and improves the skin's ability to retain water. Dermatologically tested

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