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How to clean and maintain your make-up brushes, quickly and effectively!

Updated: May 18, 2020

1. Choose the appropriate head that fits depending on the diameter of the brush you want to clean. Place the head on your brush so that it is properly screwed on and secured. 2. Insert the brush with the head on the shaft of the cleaning gun. 3. Fill the container halfway with water and neutral pH soap. 4. Place your brush in the container until slightly moistened. Avoid bringing the metal ring of the make-up brush in contact with water. 5. Press and hold the trigger on the cleaning gun for 10 to 20 seconds, your brush will start to spin, as shown in Picture 1. 6. To dry your make-up brush, remove it from the water and while keeping it in air above the plastic container press the trigger for another 10 seconds.(as shown in Picture 2). You will notice that the water and dirt have been removed. You can repeat the process until your brush is completely dry. Then you can reuse it. 7. Clean the container and place the heads you used back in their base.

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